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The Work We Do

Education 4500 engages with leaders to design equitable experiences & outcomes.

From professional learning modules for educators, to systems-based strategic support for school administrators and leaders, to one-on-one and small group coaching for individuals and teams -- our goal is to co-design equitable literacy systems and experiences that empower and liberate.

Knowledge & Practice

Designed for secondary educators working towards equitable literacy, Education 4500’s professional learning cycles and modules are grounded in materials and practices that empower students to be agents of their own literacy. 

Focused on transparent processes and powerful content, our professional learning cycles and modules support educators in designing and implementing equitable literacy teaching and learning at scale in their schools and organizations.

Education 4500’s professional learning cycles and modules provide educators the tools to...

Affirm and challenge identity

Build community

Accelerate literacy across content areas

Offer students a view into worlds unlike their own

Design relevant, critical, joyful tasks

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