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We work with leaders, organizations, and educators across the U.S. to help create equitable experiences and opportunities for our nation’s students. 

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Humanities Accelerator Course Model (HAC)

Co-designed at Student Achievement Partners, HAC is a one-year humanities course aimed at radically overhauling how students experience their entry into middle and high school.

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Professional Learning Core Content (PLCC)

Part of the suite of resources to support the Principles for High Quality Professional Learning, the PLCC in ELA/Literacy and Mathematics detail the six key content areas professional learning should focus on. 

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CCR Standards in Action

Multiple-year projects with StandardsWork and the Office of Career and Technical Adult Education focusing on curricular reviews and instructional supports for multi-lingual learners. 

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High School Core Task Project

Professional learning for high school educators, designed to support the implementation of and alignment to college and career-readiness standards in a variety of content areas. These sessions used the Instructional Practice Guides and a cycle of inquiry to support teachers and administrators to continue to shift instruction.

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