I started this blog to make the collaboration and support work I do with educators more accessible and transparent. The posts reflect resources used in professional learning sessions, materials developed in collaboration with colleagues, and other information that might be helpful as educators continue to shift their instruction to the Common Core Standards.  Collaboration and feedback is essential to this work; if you have resources you think might be helpful or if you use resources posted on this blog please let me know.

As an educator, I focus my work on supporting instruction, resources, and programs aligned to college and career readiness standards.  During the previous ten years, I worked as a classroom teacher, program coordinator, and an instructional coach in California public schools. Currently, I work for Nevada’s Washoe County School District in their alternative education and adult education programs. Much of this work is concentrated on supporting reform efforts, providing professional learning to teachers and administrators, conducting classroom observations with feedback, and ensuring educators have appropriate and aligned instructional resources. I also work with various education consultant and support organizations, including Student Achievement Partners, EdReports, OCTAE (Federal Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education), TNTP, University of California Berkeley History-Social Studies Project, Achieve, and StandardsWork. This work provides resources, professional learning, curricular materials review, and instructional coaching focused on literacy instruction and standards alignment to various schools, districts, and states around the nation. I am currently a Student Achievement Partner Core Advocate for the state of Nevada as well as a member of Achieve’s EQuIP Peer Review Panel. 

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