June 26, 2017

The Importance of Curriculum, Part Two

As I said last week, I have curriculum on the brain. If you do too, check out this post's 'Part One'.

Once you are convinced materials selection matters (it really, really does), then it is time to review your current materials and make decisions about what should stay, what needs minor changing, and what deserves the heave-ho. Resources for reviewing materials include the EQuIP rubric (for lessons and units) and the IMET (for full curricular resources). These are useful tools not only to review materials already in use or those being considered for adoption, but they can be incredible levers for expanding practitioner knowledge of the Common Core Standards and Instructional Shifts. Explore the links above to find the review tools and supporting training materials. (You don't think there is a depth of knowledge on the Standards and Shifts to start from? Student Achievement Partners has your back with these professional development resources.) Finally, Sue Pimentel's article, "The Essential of an ELA Curriculum" provides valuable knowledge not only on what is key in materials, but how materials sitting on your shelves might be better used.

Happy reading (and perhaps, happy reviewing)!

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