June 3, 2017

Nevada Core Advocates Convening, Day 1

The Nevada Core Advocates gathered at UNR the weekend of June 3rd for two days of professional learning focused on the Common Core. The first day explored the Instructional Shifts and on day two  participants worked through content and materials to support the Nevada Core Advocates campaign (for ELA/Literacy, the campaign is: "K-3 teachers will use a critical eye to examine how existing resources build foundational skills so they are able to fully engage with the more complex text required by the standards beginning in 2nd grade").

Aaron Grossman and I facilitated the day one ELA/Literacy sessions, starting with a review of the ELA/Literacy Instructional Shifts, the research underpinning the shifts, and implications they have for instruction.  Participants then explored what these shifts look like in K-2 materials, with an analysis of the RAP lesson for The Spider and The Fly and a review of the K-2 ELA Instructional Practice Guides. We ended the day as participants met in their campaign groups so they might preview some of the work they and their colleagues will do to support the Common Core in Nevada.

Materials used during the Day 1 session are available in this folder and linked below. If you are a Nevada Core Advocate and looking for the full set of convening materials (including answer keys), please leave a comment below and I can get them to you.

NV Core Advocates ELA Day 1 Deck
NV Core Advocates ELA Day 1 folder

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