April 12, 2017

Quarter 4 Professional Learning - Writing with Evidence

Educators and Rise Academy for Adult Achievement gathered last week to continue their professional learning on instructional moves aligned to the CCR Standards. Over two evenings, participants engaged with ELA/Literacy content to better support deep reading, student discussion, and evidence-based writing in their classrooms. Using The Writing Revolution as our central text, the first session centered on using Evidence Ranking and Quoting and Paraphrasing, the second on sentence summarization strategies But-Because-So and Expanding Kernel Sentences. Resources for both sessions are linked below.

  • Google Slides Deck
  • Evidence Ranking Strategy description
  • Quoting & Paraphrasing Strategy description
  • Evidence Ranking and Quoting & Paraphrasing sample
  • The Writing Revolution excerpt
  • Sentence summarization with Sentence Kernels handout
  • Sentence summarization with But-Because-So handout