March 6, 2017

WCSD Saturday CAFE - Navigating Complex Terrain: Making Meaning Across Content

On Saturday educators from across WCSD gathered for a Saturday CAFE focused on providing all students access to complex text. The keynote was delivered by Timothy Shanahan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of urban education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dawn Adams and I led a session based on the work RISE Academy for Adult Achievement  has done to support both academic and social emotional success in the classroom. Participants began the session identifying the Social Emotional standards students and teachers will need to master as teaching and learning is aligned to the Common Core for ELA and Literacy (for Nevada K-12 educators, refer to NVACS, for Nevada Adult educators, refer to the CCRS). Educators then explored these connections by engaging in the instructional moves Text Annotation and Question Quads, using an excerpt of Shanahan's article, "Letting the Text Take Center Stage". Materials for the session are linked below.

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