December 8, 2016

Principal Leadership Team

Teams of administrators and teachers gathered in Washoe County School District on Thursday evening as part of a year-long inservice course that focuses on the development and articulation of an instructional vision. This evening's focus was on tools teams might use to define and pursue rigorous teaching and learning throughout their buildings. Participants began the evening by reviewing The Education Trust's report "Checking In: Do classroom assignments reflect today's higher standards". Educators then took a 360* view of instruction by reviewing a student task, it's accompanying student work, and a video of classroom lesson that supported the teaching and learning. Handouts, video links, and readings are all linked in the deck below.

December 1, 2016

Educators and parents gathered Thursday night for the second Social Emotional Learning mini-conference hosted by the Social Emotional Learning department in Washoe County School District. At a session focusing on the integration of SEL and Common Core-aligned teaching and learning, participants worked through content from to engage with the instructional moves Shared Annotations and Structured Academic Controversy. Session materials are linked below.

  • Presentation deck
  • SAC description and graphic organizers
  • Teacher Tenure Articles 
  • Share Annotation Guide