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Social Emotional Learning and the Common Core

The  Social Emotional Learning department in Washoe County School District is hosting a series of mini-conferences throughout the 2016-2107 school year focused on supporting teachers and school leaders as they implement SEL at their school sites. At the first such conference on Thursday evening, some educators participated in a session focused on integrating SEL with Common Core-aligned teaching and learning. Working with an article published by educationfirst , educators engaged with instructional moves and explored how they integrated Social Emotional Learning standards and the CCSS ELA Instructional Shifts . Participants began by reading and completing a shared annotation of the article, " Every Child, by Name and Face, to Graduation" before moving onto a discussion of the article using Save the Last Word . Materials for the session can be found below. Presentation Deck in PPT  WCSD Social Emotional Learning Standards Article, " Every Child, by Name and Face,