December 11, 2015

Keep It or Junk It in a 4th Grade Classroom

This week I had a pleasure of working in Aaron Grossman's classroom. We engaged in 'Keep It or Junk It' using 4th Grade OUT materials on Mountain Men. You can read about  the experience below, where I have copied the post from Mr. Grossman's blog ( roomd4 and an excellent one to follow).

Mountain Men and Keep It, Or Junk It
POSTED ON Today we continued our study of Nevada State History and Mountain Men by employing an instructional strategy called Keep It or Junk It. What made today special is that Kate Crist, an Implementation Specialist with the district, was the lead teacher as we worked with complex text—well above grade level—and identified words and phrases to support the claim that Mountain Men lived of the land and “opened of the West.”
You can look over the resources we are using by clicking here and learn a bit more about Mountain Men for yourself!

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