December 11, 2015

Keep It or Junk It in a 4th Grade Classroom

This week I had a pleasure of working in Aaron Grossman's classroom. We engaged in 'Keep It or Junk It' using 4th Grade OUT materials on Mountain Men. You can read about  the experience below, where I have copied the post from Mr. Grossman's blog ( roomd4 and an excellent one to follow).

Mountain Men and Keep It, Or Junk It
POSTED ON Today we continued our study of Nevada State History and Mountain Men by employing an instructional strategy called Keep It or Junk It. What made today special is that Kate Crist, an Implementation Specialist with the district, was the lead teacher as we worked with complex text—well above grade level—and identified words and phrases to support the claim that Mountain Men lived of the land and “opened of the West.”
You can look over the resources we are using by clicking here and learn a bit more about Mountain Men for yourself!

December 3, 2015

Social Emotional Learning and the Common Core: High School Cohort 6

Educators from various Washoe County high schools gathered for their second day of training on Social Emotional Learning. As part of training, they engaged in a session designed to bridge SEL and Common Core instruction with a focus on the instructional move Question Quads.  Materials for the session can be found below.

    December 2, 2015

    Principal's Instructional Leadership Team, Session III

    WCSD leaders gathered this afternoon for the third session of the course, "Principal's Instructional Leadership Team". This year-long inservice supports school site principals and a small team of instructional leaders to collaborate throughout a year of study to develop and articulate a vision of instruction and build capacity for this vision at their school sites. 

    This afternoon's session continued the work started in the previous session, focusing on the role of school leadership in Common Core implementation and tools available to support this work.  Leadership teams began by discussing an excerpted portion of Learning to Improve and later explored content on the Instructional Shifts in Mathematics. Educators then moved to using the Instructional Practice Guides paired with video content, focusing on how to support collaborative inquiry and create a common vision for instruction. Participants ended the session by planning how to implement this work back at their school sites, preparing to facilitate professional learning with their staff using the IPGs & video and conducting observations focused by the IPGs in classrooms throughout their school sites.  Materials for this session are linked below. 

    December 1, 2015

    Social Emotional Learning & the Common Core - Elementary School Cohort 6

    Educators from various Washoe County elementary and middle schools gathered for their second day of training on Social Emotional Learning. As part of this day, Mandi VanDellen and I facilitated sessions to help bridge SEL and Common Core instruction. Mandi's session focused on mathematics, providing the instructional moves Number Talks and You-Y'all-We. The ELA/Literacy session provided the instructional move Keep It or Junk It. Materials for the session can be found below.

    • Math CCSS & SEL Deck
    • ELA/Literacy CCSS & SEL Deck