November 19, 2015

Focus on the Core for All, Session 2 - ELA

English Language Arts educators gathered Thursday morning for the second session of 'Focus on the Core for All', an Options Area cycle of professional learning designed to support teaching and learning aligned to the CCSS. 

During this session, educators began by reviewing a modified version of the EQuIP Student Work Protocol, applying print and video lesson materials from a student-led Socratic Seminar in a Washoe County classroom (see materials at, search for 'Moffat'). Participants then used the modified protocol to share and review work from their implementation of last session's instructional move, Modified Fishbowl Discussion, and determine next steps when using the instructional move in the future. Participants then engaged in a new instructional move for classroom implementation, Jigsaw Socratic Seminar, and planned for its use with their students. During session 3, participants will again review student work from this latest implementation. Materials for session 2 are linked below. 

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