October 22, 2015

'Focusing on the Core for All' - Session 1 for Science

Options Area science educators gathered this morning for their first session of 'Focusing on the Core for All', the Options NVACS professional learning cycle for the 2015-2016 school year. This group includes teachers from Options Area schools, Implementation Specialists from MTSS and Student Support Services departments, Student Support Services area administrators, and Options Area school site principals, each of whom has chosen a content focus for the year (English Language Arts, History-Social Studies, Science, or Mathematics). The professional learning cycle for this year builds on that of past years (namely, the High School Core Task Project and Shifting Instruction to the Core) and is focused on supporting teachers, implementation specialists, and administrators in the Options Area to expand and deepen alignment of instruction, materials, and programs Common Core Standards and Instructional Shifts so that all students are prepared for college and career. More details on this professional learning cycle can be found here and linked below.

The content focus for this third meeting was Science and the session began with a focus on reviewing the alignment of instructional materials to the standards and shifts using the EQuIP Rubrics. Participants then worked in grade-level content groups to engage in an instructional move, Modified Fishbowl Discussion. Finally, participants started planning for implementation of the discussion strategy in their classrooms. To provide evidence of and get feedback on student learning, participants will bring examples of student work to the next Science professional learning session. Materials for the session are linked below. 
  • Presentation deck in PDF and Keynote

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