August 18, 2015

EQuIP ELA & Literacy Rubrics Session at 'Leading Chang, Shifting Practice'

Florida educators gathered last week at a conference, “Leading Change, Shifting Practice”. Supported by Florida Association of District School Superintendents, the two day conference focused on creating a deeper understanding of the demands and intent of the standards and supported district teams to generate a plan for leading change back in their schools and communities. One session among many at the two-day conference was, "EQuIP ELA & Literacy Rubrics for Lessons and Units: Elementary  & Secondary School". Participants worked collaboratively to better learn the ELA & Literacy Rubrics, use the rubrics and quality review process to evaluate materials, and plan to use the rubrics to support collaborative, evidence-based inquiry around the alignment of literacy lessons and units at their own school sites and districts. Materials for the session are linked below. 

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