August 20, 2015

youcubed - Week of iMath

If you're not yet aware of youcubed from Stanford University, now just might be the time to check it out.  Led by Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams, the center's goal is to, "inspire, educate and empower teachers of mathematics, transforming the latest research on math learning into accessible and practical forms". The website hosts lessons, research, mathematical tasks, short videos, and professional development all designed to help math teachers and students rethink about and engage in mathematics. 

An excellent way to get started using youcubed's resources is with The Week of iMath. Designed to support a growth mindset and inspire learning of mathematics, the set of lessons are great way to start math lessons early in the school year.  Each of the five lessons are accessible for grades 3 through high school and are available free through the youcubed website here. Happy learning! 

August 18, 2015

EQuIP ELA & Literacy Rubrics Session at 'Leading Chang, Shifting Practice'

Florida educators gathered last week at a conference, “Leading Change, Shifting Practice”. Supported by Florida Association of District School Superintendents, the two day conference focused on creating a deeper understanding of the demands and intent of the standards and supported district teams to generate a plan for leading change back in their schools and communities. One session among many at the two-day conference was, "EQuIP ELA & Literacy Rubrics for Lessons and Units: Elementary  & Secondary School". Participants worked collaboratively to better learn the ELA & Literacy Rubrics, use the rubrics and quality review process to evaluate materials, and plan to use the rubrics to support collaborative, evidence-based inquiry around the alignment of literacy lessons and units at their own school sites and districts. Materials for the session are linked below.