March 25, 2015

Teaching the Core Video Library

Last week a wonderful resource went live - the Teaching the Core Video Library. This is a robust video library educators can use as we all continue to align teaching and learning to the Common Core and Instructional Shifts. 

The video library contains bell-to-bell classroom lessons focused on ELA/Literacy and Math, some of which feature teachers in Washoe County School District, and is easily searchable across all grade levels. Each video includes descriptive annotations for educator reviewers that call out a teacher action, student behavior, or lesson element that supports the CCSS and is aligned the the Instructional Practice Guides. Other resources include: a full set of lesson materials, examples of student work, and an interview with the featured teacher(s). (Full disclosure – I worked as one of the reviewers annotating lessons.) 

You can find the Teaching the Core Video Library here and read more about the details of the project here.

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