February 19, 2015

Supporting Classroom Instruction: Preparing for Written Assessments

In my recent collaboration with history teachers at Innovations High School we have been exploring ways to support students to prepare for their written assessments course. We started by discussing the importance of students' ability to understand the writing prompt, have a focused answer to the prompt (either a claim or topic statement), and sufficient evidence and reasoning to support a written response. Together Condell Williams, Andrew Protz, and I created a lesson to support students in this work. Condell and Andrew tried the lesson out last week in advance of their Geography course mid-term, and Andrew and I did the same this week so students might prepare for their Modern World History midterm. The lesson without content questions and pictures of students engaged in a carousel activity with the lesson materials follow this post.
Student posters while evidence gathering.

Students evaluating a list of evidence to find what best addresses the prompt.

Students working to gather evidence to a prompt.

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