January 26, 2015

Annotated Mini-Assessments to Support the Instructional Shifts

As a follow-up to last week's post, "Instruction as Test Preparation" , this post is intended to provide educators with resources to better understand the Common Core-aligned assessments. A recent update from Student Achievement Partners contained the following, 
"Facilitate discussions about what’s different about Common Core-aligned assessment with the new Before and After: Shifts in Common Core Assessment presentations for math and literacy. These materials include examples that illustrate what the Shifts look like in assessment items. You can also visit our collections of free math and literacy mini-assessments (K-12) for resources teachers can try in their classrooms."
This suite of resources provides teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches with a robust set of materials to better understand how high-quality, CCSS-aligned resources and instruction are preparation for next generation assessments. While the math and literacy presentations help to build educators' capacity around what is new about CCSS-aligned assessments, the annotated mini-assessments are a powerful example of CCSS-aligned assessment in a classroom setting. Using these resources in professional development and classroom practice can support educators as they continue to shift their instruction to the Common Core. 

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