December 5, 2014

Supporting Classroom Instruction: Text & Task Resources for Adult Education

Many educators in Washoe County School District's Adult Education classrooms have questions about where to find texts appropriate for both the learning and maturity levels of their adult students. While the resources for K-12 teachers have expanded immensely over the last couple of years, textbooks fully aligned to Adult Education's College and Career Readiness Standards are still in development. As publishers work to better align resources, Adult Education teachers might consider newspapers, periodicals, and civics course materials to support pairing complex text and text dependent tasks in basic adult literacy and English language courses . In working with Adult Education teachers, Dawn Adams and I drafted a text-dependent activity resource (linked here) that teachers could possibly use to integrate texts worth reading and tasks worth doing into their lessons. Later supports will look at selecting a series of texts to support building a coherent body of knowledge throughout basic literacy and language courses.

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