November 24, 2014

Exploring the Yearly Practice Guides at North Star School

As part of their ongoing professional learning learning effort, 'Aligning Instruction to the Core', North Start teachers and administrators gathered Monday to engage in sessions focused on using the Yearly Instructional Practice Guides for ELA/Literacy and Mathematics

Educators began the afternoon by working in content area groups analyzing student work and classroom observation data to better understand how they might increase support for students engaging in complex text during a Live Lesson. Teachers then studied resources for yearly planning aligned to Core Action 1. ELA and Literacy teachers engaged with the Common Core Standards and Publisher's Criteria while Mathematics teachers worked through print and video resources from Student Achievement Partners, Smith & Stein, the Common Core Standards, standard authors Daro, McCallum, and Zimba, as well as Ryan Debry Talbot. Both groups finished their sessions by spending time collaboratively planning with vetted resources from WCSD Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Louisiana Believes, Student Achievement Partners, EQuIP, and Washoe County teacher groups. Resources used during this session are linked below. 

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