October 22, 2014

Supporting Classroom Instruction: Resources for Conducting Research

Recently, some teachers have been inquiring about resources to support student-led research projects. To start with, teachers in Washoe County can use the librarians, print resources, and databases at UNR's LearningResource Center. For librarian support or access to print resources, WCSD teachers can contact the LRC here.  Information on databases, helpful links, and an overview of the LRC can be found here. Each WCSD database provides access to specific content materials and can be accessed from a district computer. Individual database descriptions and remote log-in information can be found on this page. 

For other web-based searching options, teachers might consider using a variety of resources to search beyond Google or Wikipedia (see why students should expand their search world here ). Webpath Express is one option that both searches and filters webpages. To access Webpath Express, start here, scroll to the Learning Resource Center,  under the 'Guest' drop-down menu select 'exit', and click on the catalog tab to access the Webpath link (on the left side of the page). The resources and strategies supported by the American Libraries Association and the Beyond Google series at UMass Amherst might also be of interest.

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