October 27, 2014

Planning for Core Action One at North Star School

On Monday, educators at North Star School continued their work on aligning instruction to Core Action One (for details on Core Action One, see the Instructional Practice Guides).

Teachers and administrators engaged in professional learning that supported their planning for alignment to Core Action One. Mathematics teachers focused on planning for rigor, while ELA/Literacy teachers focused on using annotations to support the increased use of complex text. The PPT for the entire session can be found here, resources to explore rigor in Mathematics can be found here, and annotation resources for ELA/Literacy can be found here.

Teachers also collaborated in their subject area groups to reflect on their work over the past month that aligned with Core Action One and determine next steps for deeper work with complex text in ELA/Literacy or rigor in Mathematics.

The mathematics materials in this sessions borrowed from those developed for the Nevada Core AdvocatesSummit and can be found here. The the annotation resources for ELA/Literacy are based on those developed by the WCSD history-social studies department and adapted Innovations High School science teachers.

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